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Cercis canadensis. Image by: PlantCollections. Courtesy of: Chicago Botanic Garden 2010.

Welcome to the Mid-Atlantic Herbaria Consortium

The Mid-Atlantic Herbaria Consortium includes herbaria from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and D.C. The Consortium serves as the portal for the Mid-Atlantic Megalopolis Project. We invite any Mid-Atlantic herbaria to join us online in digitizing the rich resources that are our regional plant collections. We also welcome citizen scientists, amateur botanists, and plant enthusiasts to add to our observation records with your own field data and images, or to contribute to our project by joining us in our specimen transcription efforts through a crowd sourcing module. Together, through all of these efforts, we can build a stronger understanding of the Mid-Atlantic flora and how it has changed along with this dynamic region. This site is brought to you in collaboration with the SEINet Herbarium Network. Send questions, comments, and requests to